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We have been seeing a great number of these Irruptive Winter Finches here in Field Township. I am guessing that just about everyone who feeds birds has seen a few if not quite a few coming to their feeders. I am talking about Pine Siskin, Common Redpolls, Purple Finch, and Pine Grosbeaks although there are others. These are the ones I am seeing frequently this winter. You might be wondering why they are called irruptive? Well, they do not always spend ... Read more
The Cook Area Christmas Bird Count took place Dec. 27th and went very well. There were 41 participants of which 29 counted at their feeders and 14 went out in the field to search. Total time spent watching at feeders was close to 59 hours. The total time in the field was 36 hours. The mileage in the field was 227 miles. Most of these miles were from people driving in vehicles but there also were 2 walkers, 1 skier and ... Read more
Did you know that this year will mark the 115th year that the Audubon Society has been conducting Annual Christmas Bird Counts? This count is the longest running Citizen Science survey in the world and provides valuable data on bird populations across a wide geographic range. Prior to the turn of the century a holiday tradition known as a Christmas "Side Hunt" had gained popularity here in America. After the Christmas feast, teams would be chosen and they would go afield ... Read more
JIM GORDON RECOLLECTIONS ON NE MN SHEEP RAISING Jim’s thoughts and opinions on raising sheep in Northern MN were expressed in a conversation with his daughter, Janette Gordon Takala, which took place on June 25, 1986. The notes from this conversation were carefully recorded and saved, and appear here, with minor edits/changes. James Roderick (Roderick - named after a Scottish rebel chieftain) Gordon was born in Virginia, MN, January 31, 1914. He was the son of Alexander Thomas Gordon, chief chemist for the ... Read more
Written by: Michael Enzmann In the early 1900’s, settlers in the area began looking for a way to fulfill their spiritual needs. As the only means of transportation were the river and walking, they began having Sunday gatherings at the homes of local settlers – Hans Hollen, Peger Engene, Andrew Scott, Ingvald Twite, John Christianson, Gilbert Haugen, Andrew Vick, Andrew Tonheim, Peter and Theodore Burtness, and Alfred Holter. We have a picture showing a group of about 50 people gathered for church ... Read more
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It is hard to believe it is already the end of July. After our delayed and cold spring, I was starting to think we might not get a summer this year, but it is here along with plenty of rain, bugs and birds. Before I talk about summer though, I would like to step back and say a few things about spring migrations. The unusually cold weather brought some unusual sightings at local feeders. I had Cape May and Yellow-rumped Warblers ... Read more
Spring is here, even though it doesn't feel quite like it just yet. My name is Julie Grahn. I live here in Field Township and love watching birds. My hope in writing this blog is to generate interest in the hobby of bird watching and to share some of what I have learned over the years. Birds are amazing creatures and the more I learn about them the more interested I get. My husband Randy and I, along with our two ... Read more