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The annual mtg minutes are in draft form until they are approved at next year’s annual mtg.

Minutes of Field Township’s 2014 Annual Meeting (Draft)

The meeting was held on March 11, 2014, at the Field Town Hall. Clerk Pat Chapman called the meeting to order at 8:12 p.m., following the Board of Canvass. There were 15 township residents in attendance according to the sign in sheet. The pledge of allegiance was recited. The clerk called for nominations from the floor for moderator. Tammy Palmer nominated Peggy Pearson. Peggy Pearson was elected moderator.
The clerk showed township residents a copy of the Notice of Annual Election and Annual Meeting in the Cook News Herald dated February 20, 2014 and the Timberjay dated February 21, 2014.
Moderator Pearson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Hearing none, Bruce Garbisch made a motion to accept the minutes of the March 12, 2013 annual meeting as presented. Seconded by Tammy Palmer. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report (CTAS Schedule 1) for fiscal year 2013 was given by Treasurer Ellie Brunner:

Beginning Balance: $19,845.52
Receipts: $69,889.37
Disbursements: $54,835.53
Ending Balance: $34,899.36

Moderator Pearson asked if there were any questions concerning the treasurer’s report. Hearing none, Lois Garbisch made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Carol Aho. Motion carried.
Old Business:

City of Cook Parks & Recreation – Tammy Palmer reported the interior walls are up. Volunteers are welcome to help install heat and electric. There have been three community work days with increasing attendance. The building was used during the Wolf Track Sled Dog Race. $250,000 has been raised which will cover the finishing of the building. $1000 was received from Lake Country Power for tables and chairs. Hopefully, when the building is done the City of Cook will hire a director.

Alango Road Petition – Keith Aho read portions of correspondence from Victor Lund, traffic engineer with St. Louis County dated May 24, 2013. Mr. Lund stated the petition was reviewed and included the following information:

The following projects will be completed on the Alango Road – two hills will be lowered to increase sight distance for drivers, trees will be removed at the intersection of Alango Road and East Olson Road, the intersection of Alango Road and Highway 1 will be cleared as necessary, narrow bridge warning signs will be installed in advance of the bridge ( bridge scheduled to be replaced in 2018) and calcium chloride treatment will be applied to Alango Road and East Olson Road to provide dust control.

After reviewing the field conditions and signing standards, it has been determined that the signs requested on the petition are not warranted. Also, the request to turn Alango Road into a dead – end road was denied. And bus traffic can not be restricted from Alango Road because it is a public road.

Basically, the petition was denied.

Committee Reports:
Ambulance – Tom Chapman attended the ambulance meeting March 11, 2014. Field had 21 runs in 2013. The 2014 Ambulance Contribution for Field is $10.00 per 391 residents and $10.00 per 46 seasonal residents for a total of $4,370.00. Two new ambulances are ordered, paid for by grants and funds in reserve. More personnel are needed for ambulance and fire. Currently 12 are enrolled in the First Responder class. Two Field Township residents are taking the class with Field Township paying their tuition. Four people need to be on call, two in ambulance and two as back up.

A new agreement which would combine the ambulance and fire contracts is being written up and will be sent out for supporting townships to sign.

Beatty Township representatives were not at the meeting. Field Township previously sent letters to the Beatty Town board to encourage them to pay their 5 year overdue balance for seasonal residents of $21,670.00 The amount was paid before the letters went public. The feeling at the meeting was that this issue needs addressed because other townships could re-act the same about paying for seasonal residents. Ambulance service will still continue to all residents but the financial involvement of all townships is vital.

Fire – Tom Chapman attended the fire meeting March 11, 2014. The 2014 Fire Contribution is $15.00 per 391 residents and $10.00 per 46 seasonal residents for a total of $6,325.00. There were 39 runs to Field Township in 2013.

Crane Lake donated a pontoon boat to the LVFB which needs to be upgraded and equipped.

Commercial fire call rates went from $500 to $1,000 if the business has commercial insurance coverage. Residential rates remain at $500.

Roads and Bridges – Keith Aho gave a report from Jay Brunner stating all the township roads are in good shape. This spring more class 5 will be applied.

Health and Safety – Keith Aho gave a report from Jay Brunner on the septage dumped in the township:

Viita- 306,250 gallons
Tony Manak(Good to Go Dumping) 13,000 gallons on Pearsons.

Hospital – Mike Enzmann passed out reports from the Cook Hospital. (See attached report). The highlights include: The last quarter of the year the hospital was hit hard financially. The nursing home has improved but still loosing money. A federal program has helped. The hospital provides community benefit to those who are uninsured, under-insured, and/or experiencing financial hardship. Two new doctors will be welcomed this fall and Dr. Garbisch is again seeing patients at the hospital and clinic.

Telemedicine is being used successfully to communicate with distant specialists. The Wilderness Health Group has been formed which includes St. Luke’s, Hibbing, Cook, Ely, Grand Rapids and Moose Lake among others. As mentioned, EMT’s are needed. Currently the fist responder’s class has 12- 14 students and the hospital helps pay 50% of the tuition for those with no other aid. If the first responders choose to become EMT’s the hospital will pay $1500 towards their tuition and testing.

Cemetery – Included in website presentation.

Planning and Zoning – Keith Aho reported on the annexation of Field Township Property Lot 4, Section 13, Township 62, Range 19 (3.0 acres) owned by Kathryn and Michael Duame, Noreen Kosuluchar and Ethel J. Barnes to the City of Cook for sewer and water services. A public hearing will be held March 27 , 2014 at 6 p.m. during a regular meeting of the Cook City Council.

New Business:

Public Comment – Peggy Pearson asked if the Little Fork Lutheran Church at the Field Township Cemetery was 100 years old this year. Pat Chapman noted the sign for the cemetery was dated 1914. She will bring historical information about the church to the next board meeting for review.

North St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District -. Peggy Pearson, representing NSLSWCD,

informed the group funding was cut for this area. Trees will be offered this year but probably not in the future.

Marvin Pearson shared a letter from the St. Louis County Fair Board requesting a donation from the township. Due to unfavorable weather and competing events the fair had a poor financial year last year. But this year the fair will be held in Mid- August so crops should be further along and fewer other events scheduled. The board will consider a donation at the next board meeting.

Presentation of proposed Field Township website –Susan Rebman showed those in attendance the home page which will contain general information about the township. There will be different themes, such as the 100 year anniversary of the cemetery. The site will also contain current approved minutes and archived minutes for six months, road and bridge reports, fire and ambulance

committee reports and cemetery information with a spread sheet and location diagram so the visitor can zoom in on certain plot locations. Links will be included to connect with local government, a calendar will contain upcoming events, meetings and elections. There will also be a community page for those who want to submit a website content form to share recipes, stories, histories, photos, meeting or agriculture reports. The url for the site will be www.

Levy – The township board recommends a levy of $45,000 payable in the year 2015 broken down into the following funds:

General $20,000
Fire $7,000
Road $7,000
Amb. $5,000
Hall $3,000
Cemetery $3,000

Motion to accept the levy made by Mike Enzmann, seconded by Carol Aho. Motion carried.

Election results – Election Judge Susan Rebman gave the results of the 2014 Field Township Annual Election with 35 residents voting:

  • Supervisor – Keith Fulcher- 32 votes (Three year term)
  • Clerk – Pat Chapman – 35 votes (Two year term)


57 folding chairs, 3 folding tables, 1 large wooden table, 1 Formica table, 3 benches, 3 pews, one AutoMark voting machine and one piano with bench were inventoried as township property in the town hall.
A motion to establish the election hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or otherwise prescribed by law) on Tuesday March 10, 2015 at the Field Townhall with the annual meeting to follow was made by Keith Aho, seconded by Tammy Palmer. Motion carried.

Motion made to adjourn by Marvin Pearson , seconded by Mike Enzmann. Motion carried.
Adjournment time 9:27 p.m.

Chairman Keith Aho

Clerk Pat Chapman

Moderator Peggy Pearson