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Minutes of Field Township’s 2015 Annual Meeting

(Draft until approved March 2016)

The meeting was held on March 10, 2015, at the Field Town Hall. Clerk Pat Chapman called the meeting to order at 8:13 p.m., following the Board of Canvass. There were 20 township residents in attendance according to the sign in sheet. The pledge of allegiance was recited. The clerk called for nominations from the floor for moderator. Keith Aho nominated Peggy Pearson. Peggy Pearson was elected moderator.
The clerk showed township residents a copy of the Notice of Annual Election and Annual Meeting in the Cook News Herald dated February 19, 2015 and the Timberjay dated February 20 and 27, 2015.
Moderator Pearson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Hearing none, Tammy Palmer made a motion to accept the minutes of the March 11, 2014 annual meeting as presented. Seconded by Mike Enzmann. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report

(CTAS Schedule 1) for fiscal year 2014 was given by Treasurer Ellie Brunner:
Beginning Balance: $34,899.36
Receipts: $73,317.67
Disbursements: $65,907.27
Ending Balance: $42,309.76
Moderator Pearson asked if there were any questions concerning the treasurer’s report. Hearing none, Mike Enzmann made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Reino Lahti. Motion carried.

Old Business:
City of Cook Parks & Recreation – Tammy Palmer reported that approximately $252,000 has been raised for the Cook Community/Youth Facility. The anticipated completion date is June/July 2015. In order to complete the work by July some of the work has been paid out rather than volunteer. A request for funding has been issued to Senator Bakk and Rep. Dill. The ice rink was open for the 2014-2015 season. A new sand box has been constructed with sand to be added in the spring. The baseball scoreboard sign will be replaced. About 100 children from the Cook area participate in the baseball program. The City of Cook will begin renting the ball fields as a means of revenue.
City of Cook Library – Librarian Crystal Phillips shared that 133 residents from Field Township are registered users of the library. The Field patron circulation in 2014 was 394 items and to date 2015 129 items. The total library visits for 2014 was 12, 529 with 20 children’s programs (Attendance 511).The Library Book Fund is comprised of funds donated by surrounding townships and service organizations for the sole purpose of purchasing books, DVDs and audio books for the library.
St. Louis County Fair Association – Marvin Pearson reported the St. Louis County Fair will be held August 12- 16, 2015. The fair board does not have enough reserve cash on hand to feel comfortable and requests donations.
North St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District – Peggy Pearson stated a new part time administrator has been hired and a resource conservation person will be hired. So by May things should be running to full capacity. She had tree order forms available and they are also on the district’s website.

Committee Reports:
Ambulance – Tom Chapman gave the ambulance report. Field Township paid $890 in tuition for two township residents to take the 1st Responders class and $445 for a resident to take the EMT class. Field’s contribution in 2014 was $6325.00, $15 per resident, seasonal residents $10. Field had 9 ambulance runs in 2014. The mutual aid service agreement is finalized and updated. Beatty Township has settled their account. He introduced Jim Gray the new ambulance director.
Mr. Gray gave a brief history of his service as an EMT in the Denver, Colorado area. He is at the CookFire/Amb. Hall Monday – Friday 7-4, available for ambulance runs. He is recruiting students for a 1stResponders class as more personnel are always needed. He thanked Keith Aho for allowing Matt Carlson, his employee at Homestead Mills to leave work for ambulance runs. Mr. Gray is also researching purchasing computers to add two systems : the Field Bridge which is an electronic patient care report system and another system which ties in to the St. Louis County Computer Aided Dispatch System and goes directly to the 911 communication system.
Fire – Tom Chapman gave the fire report. There are five new fire fighters for a total of 19. New recruits are always needed. All the training and equipment are up to date. The first Monday of the month is fire training and the business mtg. is the last Monday of the month. Field Township pays $10 per full time resident (391) and seasonal (46) for a total of $4370.00. Field had a total of 34 fire runs in 2014. The roof and exhaust system of the fire hall need work.
Roads and Bridges – Keith Fulcher reported the Neva and Riddell Road had received gravel and were graded. The Riddell Road had ditching done due to beaver activity. He will conduct a road review this spring.
Health and Safety – Keith Fulcher informed residents about the new county septic Ordinance 61. If you sell or buy a house in St. Louis County a point of sale inspection is needed. This can cost between $300-$700 and is good for three years. He reported on the township 911 signs. Many of the signs are not visible and are the old design. The county does not provide them, the cost to the township for new signs might be $10-$12,000. Jim Gray said the signs are still an important part of the system and the more information the ambulance has the better.
Fulcher reported the St. Louis County Public Works Dept. received approval from MNDOT to swap a nunber of County State Aid Highway designations. One of these is Highway 25 in Field Township, the section is an east-west segment, lying between Samuelson Rd. and Buboltz Rd. There are roughly 12 physical addresses along this section of road. This segment will be renamed “Three Bridges Road”.
Hospital – Mike Enzmann shared two new doctors have joined the Cook-Orr Hospital District. The new ER Dept. received a Level IV Trauma Designation from the State of MN and received a comment that it was one of the best small hospital emergency rooms surveyed. The Cook Hospital joined the Wilderness Health, Incorporated group which includes St. Luke’s of Duluth and other smaller hospitals in the area to develop an Accountable Care Organization and more buying power. Al Vogt, CEO/Administrator , resigned in Jan. 2015 after 39 years of service. The new CEO is Teresa Debevec. The long term vision includes looking at re-modeling the nursing home which would include 2 households of 14 residents each, adult day care moved upstairs, remodeled existing public toilets and a parking lot with ten spaces.
Cemetery – Keith Aho presented a 5”x 7” photo on brushed aluminum of the painting which had been at the Little Fork Lutheran Church. Lois Garbisch (who was not in attendance) has been involved in this project and had reported to the clerk there were some benefactors who would like to contribute for a replica of the painting which would be hung at the Little Fork Lutheran Church. The original artwork is at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook. A 3 ft x 4 ft replica would cost about $600. It would need a wooden frame which the township could pay for.
The 100th celebration held in September, 2014 at the cemetery and church was discussed and all agreed it was very successful. Residents have expressed a desire for more grass at the cemetery. The board will contact a golf course for a possible solution. It was also announced a caretaker for the cemetery is needed.
Planning and Zoning – No report.

New Business:
Public Comment – None
Presentation of Field Township website –Susan Rebman presented a video of the new Field Township website at An overview of the site showed the residents the township information that was available there plus links to other helpful sources. Residents were encouraged to submit photos, histories etc. to reflect the activities past and present in the township.
Proposed Vermilion Trail Information – Keith Aho share information from ARDC Regional Planning concerning the creation of the Lake Vermilion Trail. This trail would be a paved and non-motorized on and near the south shore of Lake Vermilion. The initial budget would likely need start up funding from participants, possibly $1000 from Field Township. The ARDC will be holding a meeting in the future with more details.

Field Township/North Woods School Forest Proposal – Keith Aho has been negotioating with the science dept. at the North Woods School and the DNR to develop a proposal for a school forest on the 50 acres the township owns near the school. The township would not sell the property, the school would be liable for the “outdoor classroom”. More details and information will be coming.
Levy – The township board recommends a levy of $46,000 payable in the year 2016 broken down into the following funds:
General $20,000
Fire $7,000
Road $7,000
Amb. $6,000
Hall $3,000
Cemetery $3,000
Motion to accept the levy made by Mike Enzmann, seconded by Tammy Palmer.. Motion carried.
Election results – Election Judge Susan Rebman gave the results of the 2015 Field Township Annual Election with 26 residents voting:
Supervisor – Keith Aho – 20 votes (Three year term) ( Six write ins)
Treasurer – Ellie Brunner – 26 votes (Two year term)
57 folding chairs, 3 folding tables, 1 large wooden table, 1 Formica table, 3 benches, 3 pews, one AutoMark voting machine, one Optic Scan voting machine and one piano with bench were inventoried as township property in the town hall.
A motion to establish the election hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or otherwise prescribed by law) on Tuesday March 8, 2016 at the Field Townhall with the annual meeting to follow was made by Keith Aho, seconded by Tammy Palmer. Motion carried.

Motion made to adjourn by Marvin Pearson , seconded by Reino Lahti. Motion carried.
Adjournment time 9:58 p.m.

Chairman Keith Aho

Clerk Pat Chapman

Moderator Peggy Pearson