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The meeting was held on March 8, 2016, at the Field Town Hall. Clerk Pat Chapman called the meeting to order at 8:09 p.m., following the Board of Canvass. There were 15 township residents in attendance according to the sign in sheet. The pledge of allegiance was recited. The clerk called for nominations from the floor for moderator. Keith Aho nominated Peggy Pearson. Peggy Pearson was elected moderator.

The clerk showed township residents a copy of the Notice of Annual Election and Annual Meeting in the Cook News Herald dated February 18, 2016 and the Timberjay dated February 26,2016.

Moderator Pearson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. Hearing none, Tammy Palmer made a motion to accept the minutes of the March 10, 2015 annual meeting as
presented. Seconded by Mike Enzmann. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report (CTAS Schedule 1) for fiscal year 2015 was given by Treasurer Ellie Brunner:

Beginning Balance: $42,309.76
Receipts: $71,002.59
Disbursements: $57,367.69
Ending Balance: $55,944.66

Moderator Pearson asked if there were any questions concerning the treasurer’s report? Hearing none, Tom Chapman made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Mike Enzmann. motion carried.

Old Business:

City of Cook Parks & Recreation – Tammy Palmer reported the community youth center opened the beginning of February, 2016. The City of Cook hired two rec attendants. The focus now is on
programs and rentals. To schedule rentals contact the City of Cook. The City of Cook Recreation Commission would like the township to consider a 5 year, $5.00 /capita donation to assist in
supporting maintenance of the facility. Tammy thanked Field Township for their contributions in the past. Tammy was given a round of applause in appreciation of her tireless work to see the completion of the center.

City of Cook Library – Librarian Crystal Phillips shared that 123 residents from Field Township are Arrowhead Library Cardholders. The Library Book Fund is comprised of funds donated by
surrounding townships and service organizations for the sole purpose of purchasing books, DVDs and audio books for the library. The total spent on books in 2015 was $2993.79. This year the focus will be on material for adult circulation. The library is open 25 hours a week Tuesday – Friday. One program a month for the next 6 months will be offered. Fund raising will also begin for new carpet in the library.

St. Louis County Fair Association – Marvin Pearson reported the money the township donated was used for a mural at the children’s barn. The fair offers a lot of activities and benefits for youth. Field Township has an active 4-H Club that participates in the fair. North St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District – Peggy Pearson had tree order forms available. She stressed if anyone is building check first with North St. Louis SWDC about wetlands. North St. Louis SWDC has also partnered with the Vermilion Sportsman’s Club and St. Louis County to prevent invasion of aquatic invasive species. Three units will be at different landings to inspect and clean boats and trailers.

Committee Reports:

Ambulance – Tom Chapman gave the ambulance report. Field’s contribution in 2015 was $4380.00, $10 per resident, seasonal residents $10. Field had 34 ambulance runs in 2015. He showed a video of an ambulance training session. He is filming these to be put on the City of Cook website. A photo was shown of a new dovetail ramp for the ATV and rescue sled which was constructed by Tim Mankowski.

Fire – Tom Chapman gave the fire report. Field Township paid $15 per full time resident (391) and $10 seasonal (47) for a total of $6335.00 in 2015. Field had a total of 14 fire runs in 2015. The department is applying for a grant to purchase new fire fighting apparel. He attended a FEMA webinar on Rural Disaster Care at the Cook Hospital. Roads and Bridges – Keith Fulcher reported on the money and activities for roads. $5061.26 was spent on road related items: brushing, grading, gravel, ice and snow removal. South Riddell road will need more gravel this summer.

Health and Safety – Keith Fulcher gave an update on the new 911 signs. $7457.38 was spent on the 218 new signs and installation. That averages about $15 a sign. They were installed according to the county specifications. He will do some follow up work as some signs still need attention.

Hospital – Mike Enzmann shared the 2015 annual report of the Cook-Orr Healthcare District. After Al Vogt’s retiring Teresa Debevec became the new CEO/Administrator. The board has 15 members with 7 out of the 15 certified trustees. The Cook Care Center (nursing home) was the most out of date in the entire state and the only one with a four bed ward. The Board of Directors approved moving forward with a Care Center construction project and the architect and construction management firms were hired with the plan being developed. It is projected July 2017 will be the completion date. There will be no levy increase for the project because of grants that are available.

Cemetery – Keith Aho noted 40-50 loads of fill had been dumped on the north end of the cemetery with 60-80 more needed. The township board has continued projects to improve the inside of the church. The residents expressed their appreciation for the improvements. The board is also working with someone to do the wood work frame for the Christ the Shepherd reproduction. Lois Garbisch has been talking to people about donations for the reproduction and others are welcome to get involved. Checks can be made out to Field Township with “church altar” in the memo.

Planning and Zoning – It was brought up the county is conducting a 5 yr. study to see if combining the Cook/Linden Grove/ state garage into one service center would be cost effective.

Field Township/North Woods School Forest – John Metsa, representing the North Woods School, gave an update on the project. He thanked Field Township for the opportunity to use the land to give students and the community access to the outdoors year round. The school assumes all liability and the DNR oversees the projects. Six people are on the board, including students, school staff and Keith Aho representing Field Township. Funding and grants are needed which take time but those involved are excited about the project.

New Business:

Public Comment – There was discussion about the fencing of waterways on farms. This is only being enforced on public land and ditches.

Presentation of Field Township website –Susan Rebman presented updates about Field Township. website at From January 2015 – January 2016 there were 4,500 visits. The site is all up to date with minutes and historical write ups. Anyone can contribute photos or information.

Levy – The township board recommends a levy of $39,000 payable in the year 2017 broken down into the following funds:

General $15,000
Fire $10,000
Road $5,000
Amb. $5,000
Hall $3,000
Cemetery $1,000

Motion to accept the levy made by Marvin Pearson, seconded by Lois Garbisch.Motion carried.

Election results – Election Judge Susan Rebman gave the results of the 2016 Field Township Annual Election with 21 residents voting:

Supervisor – Tom Chapman – 20 votes (Three year term)
Clerk – Pat Chapman – 21 votes (Two year term)

56 folding chairs, 3 folding tables, 1 large wooden table, 1 Formica table, 3 benches, 3 pews, one AutoMark voting machine, one Optic Scan voting machine and one piano with bench were inventoried as township property in the town hall.

A motion to establish the election hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or otherwise prescribed by law) on Tuesday March 14, 2017 at the Field Townhall with the annual meeting to follow was made by
Tammy Palmer. Seconded by Chris Haninen. Motion carried.

Motion made to adjourn by Keith Aho, seconded by Susan Rebman. Motion carried.

Adjournment time 9:46 p.m.

Chairman Keith Aho

Clerk Pat Chapman

Moderator Peggy Pearson