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The meeting was called to order by Chairman Keith Aho at 7:00 p.m., July 19, 2016 at the Field Town Hall.

Present: Supervisors Keith Aho, Tom Chapman, Keith Fulcher, Treasurer Ellie Brunner, Clerk Pat Chapman, Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann.

The minutes of Field Township’s regular board meeting held June 14, 2016 were read and stand as presented.


1. St. Louis County Auditor
2. St. Louis County Planning and Community Dev.
3. Mn. Assoc. of Townships
4. St. Louis County
5. Art Unlimited
6. Cook News Herald
7. Lake Country Power
8. Office Depot

Treasurer’s report from Treasurer Ellie Brunner:

Beg. Balance: $ 34,187.15 Ending Balance: $31,670.75
Receipts: $0 Plus Outstanding Checks: $190.08
Disbursements: $2,516.40 Total Per Bank Statement: $31,860.83

Motion made by Supervisor Chapman, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher to approve the treasurer’s report, claims and net pay distribution report. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Fire – No report
Ambulance – Supervisor Chapman presented a 10 minute video he had taken at the mock emergency conducted at the Northwood’s School. The Cook Ambulance approved the video and it will be uploaded to social media.
Road and Bridges – Supervisor Fulcher drove the roads. He had asked the county to provide grading services but had no response. Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to approve Pete Glowaski to mow and brush the township roads for $65 an hour. Seconded by Supervisor Chapman. Motion carried unanimously.
Hospital – Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann reported the construction has begun on the Care Center renovation. The nurses contract negotiations were successfully completed. However, there has been a delay in signing the contract. Greenwood, Alango, Morcom, Sturgeon and Vermilion Lake receive the benefits of the hospital but do not help support it financially. More hospital staff in many departments is needed.
Cemetery – Chairman Aho reported a lot was sold. The information for the deed for that lot and Garbisch’s will be supplied to the clerk at a later date. Supervisor Fulcher purchased a new flag to fly at the cemetery and will take the old one to the VFW to be disposed of. Based on the previous board policy Dakota Holter will be paid $10 per visit to the cemetery or hall for mowing. Trinity Lutheran Church will conduct their 9:30 a.m. service at the church cemetery on September 11. Supervisor Chapman presented information on vinyl windows for the church and will research further.
Joint Powers Board – Chairman Aho reported the school forest project has received money for a parking lot and toilets.
Planning and Zoning – Chairman Aho will contact Mr. Enzmann and Mr. Lahti for their input on the fence issue.

Old Business:

Supervisors Fulcher and Chapman will present information from the Summer Short Course at the August meeting.

Supervisor Fulcher reported Menards have outdoor lights suitable for the parking lot for $125 and up. A pole and arm to hold the light would also be needed. He will check with Lake Country Power.

New Business:

Supervisor Fulcher made a motion for the clerk to purchase a posting board (2 ft. x 3 ft. enclosed with a lock) for $120 plus $16 shipping.


Due to the August 9 primary the August regular board meeting will be held the third Tuesday, August 16.

Supervisor Chapman made a motion to adjourn at 8:11. Seconded by Supervisor Fulcher.

Motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Keith Aho        Clerk Pat Chapman