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Minutes of Field Township’s Regular Board Meeting June 10, 2014

The June Field Township regular board meeting was called to order by Chairman Keith Aho at 7:01 pm on June 10, 2014 at the Field Town Hall.
Present: Supervisors Aho, Chapman, Fulcher, Treasurer Ellie Brunner, Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann, Deputy Clerk Susan Rebman, Clerk Pat Chapman and seven guests.
Chairman Aho opened with an opportunity for public comment about the Permit to Carry class held at the Field Town Hall stating Field Township promotes civil rights, property rights and the health and safety of the community. The town hall was rented for the class with the actual shooting done on private property. On May 31, 2014 Sheldon Bergman, Field Township resident, reported live rounds being fired over his residence with bullets striking his house.
Mr. Bergman spoke and recounted he was outside that day and he felt two shots go over his head and he dropped to the ground. He went to the shooting range and told the Olsons to stop the shooting. He saw the targets right in line with his house. On Sunday he called 911. One bullet was embedded in the house siding 12 feet high.
Greg and Sharon Olson, the certified NRA teachers who were conducting the class, were also in attendance. Mr. Olson stated when Mr. Bergman informed them of the incident the shooting stopped immediately and the class was done. Supervisor Chapman had also been called and went to make sure the shooting was stopped.
Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Feiro reported he answered the non-emergency 911 call to the Bergman’s on Sunday,June 1. The bullet that hit their home could not be retrieved. He also investigated the shooting
Range which was directly in line with the Bergman home 1600 feet away.(.3 miles). Deputy Feiro also spoke to Mr. Olson by phone stressing safety is the concern and questioned him about changing the shooting options. There are no charges against the Olsons, intent would have to be evident. However, if there is any more shooting in that direction there will be charges.
Terry and Bernie Kantola shared they also had concerns about safety after this incident and objected to the noise during the shooting class.
Mr. Olson presented a possible new shooting range.
Chairman Aho stated the board could stop the use of the town hall for the class but could not stop the Olsons from firing on their family land. If there continues to be possible danger then it is an issue. Open range shooting could be stopped with an ordinance. He requested they find a more suitable place for shooting. Second amendment rights cannot be denied to people on their own property but if others are endangered the town board has a right to step in. He encouraged the Olsons to confer with neighbors before doing any more shooting.
Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to suspend the use of the Field Town Hall for the Permit to Carry Class. Seconded by Supervisor Chapman. Motion carried unanimously.
The May 13, 2014 regular board minutes were read. Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Supervisor Chapman. Motion carried unanimously.


1. Vermilion Law
2. Office Depot
3. St. Louis Public Works
4. Lake Country Power
5. St. Louis County Planning and Dev. Comm.
6. St. Louis County Assoc. of Townships
7. MN Office of Administrative Hearings
8. MAT
9. Cook News Herald
10. MN State Demographic Center.
11. St. Louis County Assessor’s Office
Minutes of Field Township’s Regular Board Meeting June 10 , 2014
12. St. Louis County Elections Division
13. Timberjay

Treasurer’s report from Treasurer Ellie Brunner:
Beg. Bal: $ 20,815.02 Ending Balance:$18,465.93
Receipts: $0 Outstanding Checks: $725.00
Expenses: $2,349.09 Bank Balance $19,190.93

Committee Reports:
Ambulance – B.K. Young and Brian Palmer from Field Township passed the 1st Responder Class.
The board’s policy is to cover the tuition for a Field Township resident who enrolls in the 1st Responder or EMT class. This information should be published in the newspapers and put on the township website
Fire- Lack of volunteers is still an issue. There was discussion about contributing funds to promote volunteers.
Roads and Bridges – Supervisor Fulcher made a motion, seconded by Supervisor Chapman to accept Gary Brunner’s $7,7735.59 proposal for road work to be completed by the end of June Motion carried unanimously.
Hospital – Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann reported the Wilderness Health Affliation is hospitals banding together for rural health. St. Luke’s is helping to support this financially. An in depth study and survey is being conducted to determine the future of the Cook Nursing Home. A new physical therapist has been hired.

Cemetery-A quote of $500.00 for a new cemetery sign from Ron Maki was reviewed A motion was made by Supervisor Chapman, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher to accept the quote on the condition it included installation of the sign. Motion carried unanimously. Supervisor Chapman will discuss this with Mr. Maki and determine the colors.
Joint Powers- No report.
Planning and Zoning – No report.

The clerk announced the next regular board meeting will be July 8, 2014 at the Field Town Hall.

Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to adjourn at 8:46 p.m. Motion seconded by Supervisor Chapman.
Motion carried unanimously.