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Minutes of Field Township’s Regular Board Meeting October 14, 2014

The October Field Township regular board meeting was called to order by Chairman Keith Aho at 7:00 pm on October 14, 2014 at the Field Town Hall.
Present: Supervisors Aho, Chapman, Fulcher, Treasurer Ellie Brunner, Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann, Deputy Clerk Susan Rebman, Clerk Pat Chapman and one guest.

Richard Pierce, 2142 North Wood’s science teacher, came before the board to discuss usage of property owned by Field Township (G.L.4, Section 4, T62-R19) which is adjacent to the school. The goals for the proposed project would include but not limited to walking and biking trails, skiing, snow shoeing, birding, tree farming, small plot farming, warming house, outhouses, small rural housing development, parking area and other. The focus would be environmental education for students and community.
Chairman Aho voiced the wishes of township residents to retain ownership of the property but it is open to public use. It was brought up there are still deer stands on the property. The board had asked that they be taken down. Since they are still there, the board will remove them.
Supervisor Fulcher asked about liability issues for the township. This is something to be discussed with the MAT insurance company.
Supervisor Chapman asked if the school board was involved and Mr. Pierce said not at this time but he has been in communication with Principal Metsa about the project and will follow the chain of command by approaching the superintendent and school board. Mr. Pierce also said he has done research and feels there are a lot of grants available and he would be willing to pursue them.
He wants to make sure the township is aware of his proposal and has their approval to go forth with further research and investigation.
The board was in favor of looking into the project further with some questions – What will be the school’s responsibility? What is the township’s responsibility?
Mr. Pierce will keep the board informed of progress.
The September 9, 2014 regular board minutes were read. Supervisor Chapman made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher. Motion carried unanimously.


2. Trinity Lutheran Church
3. St. Louis Public Assessor
4. Lake Country Power
5. MAT
6. St. Louis County Planning and Dev.
7. Office Depot
8. University of MN
9. P & M Construction
10. St. Louis County Public Works
Treasurer’s report from Treasurer Ellie Brunner:
Beg. Bal: $ 44,825.30 Ending Balance: $38,775.19
Receipts: $560.00 Outstanding Checks: $304.26
Expenses: $6,610.11 Bank Balance $39,079.45

Motion made by Supervisor Chapman, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher to approve the treasurer’s report, net pay distribution report and authorize payment of claims. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Ambulance – Supervisor Chapman gave the September 2014 Cook Ambulance report. In August there were 23 runs and to date in September 8. Training was on the various drugs that are on the ambulance. Many of the new 1st responders were at the training. The old ambulance #2 has been delivered. It is now a flatbed to carry the 6-wheeler and sled. The $1500 grant from the hospital for 1st responders will be used for bags and regulators. Some pagers have been ordered for the 1st responders. Summer was busy with a total of 64 calls, 23 of which were transfers.
Fire – No report
Roads and Bridges – Supervisor Fulcher reported he had driven the roads and there are no issues.
Hospital – Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann gave the September Hospital Board summary. Teresa Debevec will be the new CEO. Dr. Menzel from St. Luke’s has been seeing orthopedic patients at Cook. 240 of the 800 community health surveys were returned which showed 57% supported levy to pay for nursing home upgrade, 27% neutral and 18% no. The new doctors are Matt Holmes and Nick Vidor. The hospital has 103 employees. $4.9 million COH – 121 days. A major portion of levy monies was received and a large due from Medicare.
Cemetery – Supervisor Fulcher reported the entry way of the church was not part of the contract. He was advised a wood laminate could be put on the floor. The board decided the present insurance coverage was adequate for the church
Joint Powers – No report.
Planning and Zoning – The clerk reported Cathryn Peters will not pursue the FY15 Residential Redevelopment Grant from IRRB. Also, in correspondence the St. Louis County Board of Adjustment sent their decision on the Nolan Lokken property. The variance request was approved with the condition that no further division of Gov. Lot 1 in S36, T62N, R19W, be allowed.
Deputy Clerk Rebman gave a slide presentation of photos taken on October 11, 2014 (re-scheduled from October 4) when Supervisors Aho, Fulcher and Chapman met at 1 pm for fence viewing. Reino Lahti requested the viewing to determine the adequacy of the boundary fence shared with James Enzmann to control livestock. The shared boundary line between the two parties is the North and South half of Sec 7 T62 R19, between the N Riddell Road and the Carpenter Road. In viewing the fence it was the consensus that the existing fence is inadequate to control livestock movement. The recommendation of the board was that the existing fence line be reconstructed to statute standards with the western half of the boundary line not reconstructed unless shown to become a problem for animal control.

At the November 18 board meeting the board will complete the report with maps and images.
Clerk Chapman presented a list of trained election judges to be appointed to serve at the November 4, 2014 election. Additional judge training and election machine testing will also be done November 2, 6-8 pm. Motion to approve the list and training made by Supervisor Fulcher, seconded by Supervisor Chapman. Motion carried unanimously. The polls will be open 7 am – 8pm.

Supervisor Fulcher reported on a legal seminar he attended on October 4 in Cotton. Road right of way, other road issues and fire contracts were some of the topics discussed. The township has a joint powers service agreement with the City of Cook so the township has no liability.
The clerk announced the next regular board meeting will be November 18, 2014 at the Field Town Hall. The second Tuesday of November is Veteran’s Day when no public business can be conducted.

Supervisor Chapman made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. Motion seconded by Supervisor Fulcher.
Motion carried unanimously.