Field Township Board Meeting September 8, 2015

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Minutes of Field Township’s Regular Board Meeting September 8, 2015

The September Field Township regular board meeting was called to order by Chairman Keith Aho at
7:03 pm on September 8, 2015 at the Field Town Hall.
Present: Supervisors Aho, Chapman, Fulcher, Treasurer Ellie Brunner, Clerk Pat Chapman
Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann and one township resident.
The August 11, 2015 regular board minutes were read. Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to
accept the minutes with correction as noted, seconded by Supervisor Chapman. Motion carried unanimously.

1. MN Fall Maintenance Expo
2. IRS
3. Couri & Ruppe
4. Lake Country Power
5. Art Unlimited
6. Office Depot
7. St. Louis County Auditor

Treasurer’s report received from Treasurer Ellie Brunner:
Beg. Bal: $46,553.92 Ending Balance $53,402.61
Receipts: $9,733.00 Outstanding Checks: $79.26
Expenses: $2,884.31 Bank Balance $53,481.87

Motion made by Supervisor Chapman, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher to approve net pay distribution report and authorize payment of claims. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Ambulance – Supervisor Chapman shared videos he took of the ambulance training session.

Fire– No report.

Roads and Bridges – Supervisor Fulcher reported the roads are in good shape. The 911 signs were ordered three weeks ago and should be delivered within 60 days from order received. Bids are needed for installing the signs.

Hospital – Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann reported McGough was approved by the board for construction management of the nursing home renovation. The City of Cook has agreed to apply for an IRRRB Grant on behalf of the hospital. A new doctor will be joining the staff by year end.

No levy change will be made for 2016. According to their survey, residents of Greenwood Township are highly in favor of having emergency medical services available but not in favor of paying for the services.

Cemetery – There was one burial.

Joint Powers– Nature trails are being created at the Field/North Woods School Forest.

Planning and Zoning – No report.

Old Business: Township resident Jim Enzmann was present to discuss the status of the fence between his property and the property of Reino Lahti. He reported posts were in and wire needed holders. Chairman Aho responded there was an outstanding order to complete the fence by September 1, 2015. Motion made by Supervisor Fulcher, seconded by Supervisor Chapman to conduct another fence viewing on September 26, 2015 at noon to verify if the order has been completed. Motion carried unanimously. The clerk will send certified letters 14 days in advance to both parties to notify them of the viewing.

New Business: No report.

The clerk announced the next regular board meeting will be October 13, 2015, at the Field Town Hall.
Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Motion seconded by Supervisor Chapman.
Motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Keith Aho

Clerk Pat Chapman