Field Township Regular Board Meeting December 10, 2019

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Field Township Regular Board Meeting December 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order at the Clerk’s residence at 7 p.m.
Present: Supervisors Keith Aho, Tom Chapman, Keith Fulcher, Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann, Treasurer Ellie Brunner, Clerk Pat Chapman and one township resident and one guest.

The minutes of Field Township’s regular board meeting held November 11 ,2019 were read and stand as presented.

Whitney Ridlon from the Dept. of Iron Range Resources and Rehab. gave a broadband presentation.

A motion was made by Supervisor Fulcher, seconded by Supervisor Chapman to budget $3000 to explore the feasibility of high speed internet in Field Township. Motion carried unanimously. The first step will be an online survey of township residents to determine the need and interest. Followed by possible mailing, ads and press release. Elizabeth Chapman, representing Art Unlimited and Whitney ( whose services are provided free of charge) will be in charge of this project.


1. St. Louis County Auditor
2. Art Unlimited
3. MAT
4. Lake Country Power
5. City of Cook
6. St. Louis County Assoc. of Townships
7. St. Louis County Fair Assoc.
8. St. Louis County Planning and Dev.
9. St. Louis County Public Works

Treasurer’s report from Treasurer Ellie Brunner:

Beg. Balance: $ 80,651.55 • Ending Balance: $79,148.70
Receipts: $0 • Plus Outstanding Checks: $0
Disbursements: $1,502.85 • Total Per Bank Statement: $79,148.70

Motion made by Supervisor Chapman, seconded by Supervisor Fulcher, to approve the treasurer’s report, claims and net pay distribution report. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Fire – No report.
Ambulance – Supervisor Chapman gave the ambulance report for November. . There was 1 run in Field. There are 10 active EMTs and 4 active First Responders. He will contact the City of Cook to get the fire protection services agreement with the changes highlighted for the January meeting.
Road and Bridges – Supervisor Fulcher reported the roads were snowplowed .
Hospital – Hospital Representative Mike Enzmann reported The Trustee Winter Conference will be January 10-12 in Brooklyn Park. The focus will be on mental health.
Cemetery – No report.
Joint Powers Board – Chairman Aho reported there are 11-13 acres of past prime poplar that could be cut and bring $20-$35 per cord. The cutting would be select with reseeding. The money could be used to improve the school forest. Supervisor Chapman made a motion to approve up to 13 acres of the township property to be cut with the money going to improve the school forest at Northwood’s School. Seconded by Supervisor Fulcher. Motion carried unanimously.
Planning and Zoning – No report.

Old Business:

$20 was refunded to Erwins because they had no water at the hall when they rented it on Thanksgiving. Supervisor Fulcher had checked the hall and it appeared the toilet had been running which could be the issue.

New Business:

Supervisor Fulcher attended the St. Louis County Assoc. of Townships meeting. The St. Louis County Zoning Ordinance 62 proposed short term rental standards and amendments was discussed. The proposal to introduce elk into the county did not pass.
Clerk Chapman shared about the Presidential Primary Training she attended. The Primary will be March 3 and each voter must declare a political party to receive the appropriate ballot. More training will be available before the Primary.

The next meeting will be the regular board meeting, January 14, 2020, 7 pm, at the Clerk’s residence.
Supervisor Fulcher made a motion to adjourn at 9:07 p.m.. Seconded by Supervisor Chapman.
Motion carried unanimously.
Chairman Keith Aho
Clerk Pat Chapman