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The meeting was held on March 12, 2019, at the Field Town Hall. Clerk Pat Chapman called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m., following counting of ballots.

There were 11 township residents in attendance according to the sign in sheet.

The clerk showed township residents a copy of the Notice of Annual Election and Annual Meeting in the Cook News Herald dated February 28, 2019 and the Timberjay dated February 22, 2019. Keith Aho prayed and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The clerk called for nominations from the floor for moderator. Tammy Palmer nominated Peggy Pearson. Peggy Pearson was elected moderator.

Moderator Pearson asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes? Tammy Palmer
stated she represents Friends of the Park not Cook Parks and Rec. Tammy Palmer made a motion to accept the corrected March 13, 2018 annual meeting minutes. Seconded by Mike Enzmann. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report (CTAS Schedule 1) for fiscal year 2018 was given by Treasurer Ellie Brunner:

Beginning Balance: $81,245.25
Receipts: $62,831.88
Disbursements: $63,950.95
Ending Balance: $80,126.18

Moderator Pearson asked if there were any questions concerning the treasurer’s report? Hearing none, Mike Enzmann made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Tammy Palmer. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Friends of the Park – Tammy Palmer reported new playground equipment has been installed and the community center, park and skating rink have been busy. The group is working on upgrading the hockey rink and paving the parking lot.
She also shared updates on the Cook Daycare Committee Project. They are interested in developing a state licensed non-profit daycare facility that includes infants. Operating hours may include regular working plus extended hours. Several pieces of property are being evaluated which would be within walking distance of the hospital and library. Financing may be possible through low interest loans, grants, and fundraising. This project is in the early stages of development but the need is immediate. Tammy also reported two new daycare operations have opened in Cook recently. The Northwood’s School Learning Readiness program will offer three days of their program.
City of Cook Library – Librarian Crystal Phillips thanked the township for their donation in the past. Surrounding townships and organizations provide money to purchase new books, audio books and DVDs. There are currently 95 library card holders from Field Township. The PBS Great American Read Grant provided funds to purchase over 50 books on the Great Read list, a DVD player and funds to rent the Comet Theater to show “The Hunt for Red October”. The IRRRB Downtown Revitalization Grant allowed the building of a patio and way path to the gazebo. A pergola, benches and trash receptacles will be installed in 2019. A Lake Country Power Grant allowed the purchase of new preschool shelves and an outdoor rug for story time. A Community Block Development Grant will help fund new a entrance and ramp to meet ADA standards in 2019.
Crystal also shared a report from Elizabeth Chapman. Crystal and Elizabeth are part of the Broadband Project committee. The Blandin Broadband project has allowed our area to increase in technology. One grant was received which was used for upgrading equipment in the Northwood’s School, the Cook Library, The Orr Center, technology classes, digital marketing and more. A second round of grant funding is being applied for which would help to address the lack of computer/technology training in the Northwood’s School, Internet Wifi /Hotspot checkouts at the Cook Library and more technology marketing in our area. A bill introduced by Rep. Ecklund would bring 35 million plus for broadband grants which would be matching to local and federal funding for areas to improve their internet coverage. Crystal also shared many patrons use the library because of internet access.
St. Louis County Fair Association – Marvin Pearson thanked the township for their donation. The Fair has a new manager and has hired a new carnival. The fair dates are July 31 – August 4, 2019. The board is in the process of acquiring a historic building to add to the fairgrounds.
North St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District – Peggy Pearson had tree order forms available. North St. Louis SWCD has an outreach educator available for presentations. Aquatic invasive species watercraft inspection programs were held on Ely Lake, Fall Lake, Gilbert Pit, Pelican Lake, Shagawa Lake, and Lake Vermilion. 842 acres of land were incorporated into nine Forest Stewardship Plans for private landowners. Citizen water quality monitoring was promoted at the St. Louis County Fair and Ely Farmers Market. A display showed people how easy it is to take readings and volunteer.
School Forest- Principal Vukmanich reported a DNR grant will be applied for one more time. The plans are moving ahead slowly, scaling back to just a trail and parking area. If the grant is denied
community members will be asked to help make some trails functional and simple. A bridge has been made and solar lights are ready to be used once the snow is gone.

Committee Reports:

Ambulance – Tom Chapman gave the ambulance report. Field’s contribution in 2018 was $5,242 Field had 22 calls. Dr. Vidor replaces Dr. Garbisch. Grants are being written for pagers. EMTs are willing to attend township meetings and speak. EMTs are retiring so they are reaching out to area youth for future staffing.
Fire – Tom Chapman gave the fire report. Field Township paid $6425.00 in 2018. Field had a total of 8 fire runs in 2018. The 2019 contribution will be $7,599, $17 per capita. The state legislature is considering a Fire Tax District which would replace the per capita rates with easements based on residential value. There are 17 volunteers on the roster, 5 are new. The mutual aid agreement was reviewed with suggestions to be approved by townships to be signed and returned.
Roads and Bridges – Keith Fulcher reported on activities for roads. $3,753.52 was spent on road related items: brushing, grading, gravel, ice and snow removal. South Riddell will need gravel.. The county was not able to complete grading last fall because of extreme rain. When Supervisor Fulcher is not available Chairman Aho can be contacted about road related issues.
Health and Safety – Keith Fulcher reported on the need for child foster care in our county. There has been a 50% increase in a need for the services because of poverty, mental health issues and drug use. In 2018, 700 children or 18% of children in St. Louis County were in foster care. Supervisor Fulcher made an appeal for people to consider being foster parents.
Hospital – Mike Enzmann shared the 2018 information about the Cook Hospital and Care Center. Medicare pays 100% of the cost, Medicaid about 80% and insurance pays 100% of cost but still get significant discount. The Care Center is 81% Medicaid. The expansion is complete. The Adult Day Services have moved upstairs. Dr. Johnston retired after 45 years of service. Results from a community needs survey taken last summer showed the number one need was mental health support.
In 2019 digital radiology will replace computed radiology which means lower patient x-ray exposure.
Cemetery – Keith Aho noted Jeff Elliott is surveying the cemetery which will be completed in spring. The altar and pulpit need painted inside. Also, the town board is pricing window snow glass decals. Outside, the handicap ramp was added to the church and a new shed will be built. Trinity Lutheran Church of Cook appreciates having services in the fall at the church.
Planning and Zoning – Keith Aho reported the county had completed their comprehensive land use plan and adopted it January 22, 2019. He had been the only citizen in attendance at the local county meeting.
Hall– Keith Fulcher shared $6,518.16 was spent on the hall this year. Expenses for the new windows was a big part of that expense. The residents appreciated Jay Brunner’s work. A used frig was donated for the hall and a new microwave was purchased. A stove is still needed. Also, insulation is needed and the town board will get more information and a quote.

New Business:

Public Comment – None.
Levy – The township board recommends a levy of $59,000 payable in the year 2020 broken down into the following funds:

  • General $12,000
  • Fire $7,000
  • Road $8,000
  • Amb. 6,000
  • Hall 20,000
  • Cemetery $6,000

Motion to accept the levy made by Marvin Pearson, seconded by Mike Enzmann. Motion carried.

Election results – Election Judge Mike Enzmann gave the results of the 2019 Field Township Annual Election with 14 residents voting:

  • Supervisor – Tom Chapman – 14 votes (Three year term)
  • Treasurer Ellie Brunner – 14 votes (Two year term)

46 folding chairs, 3 folding tables, 1 large wooden table, 1 Formica table, 3 benches, 3 pews, one AutoMark voting machine, one Optic Scan voting machine and one piano with bench were inventoried as township property in the town hall.

A motion to establish the election hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or otherwise prescribed by law) on Tuesday March 10, 2020 at the Field Townhall with the annual meeting to follow was made by Marvin Pearson. Seconded by Tammy Palmer.. Motion carried.

Motion made to adjourn by Marvin Pearson, seconded by Tom Chapman. Motion carried.
Adjournment time 9:41 p.m.

Chairman Keith Aho
Clerk Pat Chapman
Moderator Peggy Pearson